We need a proper winter skincare routine because winter’s almost here and for many of us deal the skin problems like dry, itchy, flaky & irritation on the skin and feeling like there is no escape. 

“Glowing skin is a result of proper skin care. It means you can wear less make up and let skin shine through.”    – Michael Coulombe    

So, I am here diving the winter skincare routine care into two parts – Morning Routine & Night Routine

Morning Winter Skincare Routine

Morning Winter Skincare Routine

a) Wash your face with honey-based face-wash. Honey is a natural beauty enhancer. It cleans the skin deep inside and gives a perfect skin texture in winters. I use Avon Naturals Face Wash (Honey & Milk). It’s perfect for all kinds of skins. Buy now.

b) Apply a light moisturizer to lock the moisture to give smooth and glowing skin for all day. I use Lakme Peach milk cream that comes with sun protection SPF 24. It’s light and has a soothing fragrance.

c) Apply a small amount of Complexion Care Cream that gives the goodness the right touch of make-up. I use Lakme 9 to 5 CC  nourishing cream that moisturizes, brightens, and freshens the skin. It also protects the skin from the sun with SPF 30, PA ++ and evens skin tone. Buy now.

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Night Winter Skincare Routine

a) Wash your face again as I described in the morning routine.

b) Use bio-oil for face skin. It works amazingly on skin. it helps to get rid of uneven skin tone and also recommended for aging and dehydrated skin.

c) Apply a little amount of olive oil on your eyes lashes by your finger before sleeping. It has miraculous effects on the quality and strength of eyelashes.