Top 5 Reasons to Study in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic! one of the countries of the European Union, this country is bordered by Austria to the south, Germany to the west, Poland to the northeast, and Slovakia to the east. Its short name is Czechia. I guess this is enough about its location and name. So let’s come to the point of why to study in the Czech Republic.

1. Wide Range of Study Programs

With a unique conception of the study, the Czech Republic universities provide the diverse offer of study programs. If I talk technically so there are almost 1000 degree programs in English, 61 higher education universities, and 20 towns as per if I am not wrong there are over 45,000 foreign students are studying at Czech institutions. And institutions belong to the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports. Thanks to the quality higher education on offer.

 Many of my friends are studying there and as per their experiences, the universities are very helpful to find the right course for you and to guide from beginning to till get admitted into the university. Interestingly, most of the universities are public and you don’t need to pay a lot of money for your studies. Czech universities rang among the best universities of the world that offers Bachelor Programme, Master Programme, Ph.D., MBA, Short term program, Preparatory study program, and language courses. 

2. Affordable Living Cost 


Study in Czech Republic cost is totally in budget for that you need to ask universities or check online for respective university. And the Czech Republic is very affordable for living especially if you compare it to other European Union countries. You can stay in University Dormitory starting from 4500 Czech Koruna (usually including electricity and water bill plus WiFi or depend on the chosen university) or you can stay in a shared apartment or flat if you want so but it would cost you around double of Dormitory cost. Additionally, students are encouraged to get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which provides discounts for cinemas, restaurants, concerts, and more. The Czech government financially offers scholarships to eligible foreign students through the Ministry of Education and Youth and Sport. You can eat out your lunch at the university canteen or a meal at a restaurant that would be cost you around 130 Czech Koruna or can cook by yourself at the Dormitory kitchen. The transportation system of Czechia is cheap, efficient, and highly integrated.

3. Student Life in the Czech Republic

One of the countries with the most appealing atmosphere. You can go Hiking, water sports, Climbing, Caving, Fishing, etc. You will have the chance to visit fascinating cultural heritage and history. You can also keen to point out that the beer is cheap!! You can go to a museum like the Museum of Communism, The Czech National Museum, or the Jewish Museum and take the opportunity to discover more about Czech history.

4. Working during Studies

study in czech republic european unioun Can international students work in the Czech Republic while studying? Then the answer is Yes! you can work and study at the same time. You might be facing a language barrier when looking for a job in the Czech Republic since more jobs required fluency in the Czech language but there are numerous working options for international students, especially in big cities where international companies are located. You can work from the beginning of your first year of study to 20 hours a week. But during summertime, you can work full time if your employer allows you to do so. As everyone is well known about the fact of tourism of the Czech Republic, so there are always open vacancies for a tour guide who knows English or you can work as a bartender.

There are a lot of job options while studying you just need to explore. The Czech people are very supportive they’ll help you in this matter. So try to be a good friend of them.

5. Safe all the Time

Yes, The Czech Republic is very safe for everyone, I haven’t face any trouble to date. As per the Global Peace Index,2020, The Czech Republic is the 8th most peaceful country in the world. Any kind of unfairness or even violence towards international students is almost non-existent.why to study in the Czech Republic


I guess these are enough reasons to study in The Czech Republic. One more point you can study in Czech Republic free or without IELTS of cost if you know the Czech language as per required language frame. Anything, you want to know about studying there I would love to help you. 

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