Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, famous as Golden Prague. This is the major city considered one of the most beautiful European cities and tourist attraction in Prague. Prague has a rich history including political, economical & cultural. And many medieval buildings.

You will appreciate the splendid statues in the city. The air is clean and refreshing, and the Prague city is charming and secure.

And magnificent gardens & parks can be infinite, most importantly these are free of cost. Prague is a wonderland where one can find art, music and fantastic architecture and apart this Prague is the cheapest places to travel in Europe. 

Old Town Square, Discover Its Beauty

Old Town Square Prague

The Old Town Square is the heart of Prague and a perfect palace with a beautiful advent atmosphere and rich history and first in my tourist attractions in Prague. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions and highlighted Old Town Hall and one of the most photogenic places in the city.

Astronomical Clock is the jewel of Prague. This Clock is the oldest astronomical in the world and still is in use. The Astronomical Clock was decorated with the best-experienced artists in the 15th century.

This clock is not only telling the time and date of central Europe, Sideral and Babylonian but also has many functions. It also tracks the Sun and Moon in the sky and shows different astronomical details.

The Old Town Square surrounded by magnificent Medieval buildings. Most of the buildings were built in the 18th century, but they are still amazing with their rich decoration and architecture.

One of them is Kinsky Palace is the largest building and serves as a state-owned art gallery and cultural institution nowadays. 

The House of Stone Bell is situated next to Kinsky Palace. It was the temporary residence for royal families and was built in the 14th century.

Christmas and Easter Market, there will see market stocked with handcrafted local jewellery, embroidered lace, wooden toys, aromatic candles, puppets, wooden dolls in traditional costume and many more cultural symbols. The main attraction of Easter eggs, made of wood and painted in vibrant colours. 

You can enjoy the local food and drinks, much of the food cooked or make in front of you. Don’t you think shopping is much more helpful to have a beer or a cup of hot chocolate? Read more 

Charles Bridge – Connection Between Prague Castle

Charles Bridge Prague

The architecture that makes Charles Bridge uniquely beautiful. I had a great walk over the Vltava river, and there is something magical I will remember all my life. And this is second in the list of my tourist attractions in Prague.

The lights shining and the view of the castle are gorgeous at night. I also experienced Charles Bridge calmness early in the morning. 

This Bridge is the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV. The development of the bridge was led by German-Czech prominent architecture Peter Parler. 

Significant Statues on Charles Bridge is most popular Statue is St. John of Nepomuk, was a Czech saint thrown into Vltava river from the bridge during the reign of Wenceslas IV.

Statue of Saints Vincent Ferrer and Saint Procopius is artistically important ones on the bridge was created in 1712. 

Statue of St. Lutgarde is very interesting from an artistic point of view, maybe the most praised piece of art on the Charles Bridge was created by Matthias Braun in 1710. 

Wishes Come True on Charles Bridge You can make a wish on Charles Bridge, and it comes true, YES, it works if you do it properly. What you need to do is just find St. John of Nepomuk statue, 8th Statue on the right if you are heading from Old Town Square. There is shining like the gold spot on the bottom Statue. Read more.

Whatever your wish, it will come true within a year !! Blessings.

Charles Bridge Market, There is a famous market near the bridge where you can experience variants of Bohemian crystal souvenirs, handicrafts, paintings, jewels, Donut ice cream cones (Unique taste though), and many other goodies. 

Petřín Hill – A View on Cities

Petrin hill, tourist attraction in Prague

Petřín Hill !! The first thing comes in mind whenever I think about Petřín hill, the most peaceful, wooded, rocky place I ever visited. I will recommend taking at least half a day to explore Petřín Hill Well. And this is third in the list of my tourist attractions in Prague.

Strahov stadium is worthy of visiting Strahov Stadium. It is such a big stadium. You are going to enjoy it, if you are a football lover, I promise. Most of the time, local team trains there. It will take hardly 10 minutes from the rose garden at Petřín hill.

Rose Garden If you want to feel & admire the colours, several natural colours then sit at this gorgeous rose garden, in the fall displays of tremendous flowering, rises like a rainbow will also enjoy their elegant fragrance.

Hungar Wall There are numerous human statues truly a functional piece that highlights the history of the city when Prague was under communist rule. You can visit anytime there, but I’d love to go there at night. I think night light make it more believable.

Petřín Funicular an Excellent attraction of Petřín hill from there you can see the entire city view. The best thing is public transport tickets (can be purchase any metro station) for 24 or 36 hours are valid for it because sometimes queue could be sarcasm for funicular tickets. Read more.

Petřín Lookout Tower is called Prague’s Eiffel tower; there you can see the Spectacular views of Prague. You can climb to the top approximately daunting 299 steps. 

Štefánik’s Observatory I would like to say one thing if you are going to visit this then you are going to meet knowledgeable astronomer professionals there. You could look throughout the telescope like a star, sun, Jupiter and many more.

Drink the Most Delicious Czech Beer

Czech Beer in Prague , tourist attractions

So I will tell you some of the best places in this beautiful historic city.Where you can taste and enjoy something that the Czech people are rightly incredibly proud of their beautiful, glorious Czech beer. And these are just my favourite pubs that I recommend, and they are very reasonably priced. And this is fourth in the list of my tourist attractions in Prague.

1. U Zlatého Tygra (The Golden Tiger) 2. Beer Geek Bar 3. Lokal Dlouhaaa 4. Cerveny Jelen (Red Deer) 5. Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro 6. Bar Chyse Read more.

Are you ready to get boozy!!!!!? 

Divoka Sarka – The Nature Reserved Park

Divoka Sarka, Prague

Divoka Sarka is a beautiful valley of Prague which is composed of cliffs and beautiful woodlands; It is generally called natural reserve due to its rocky walls, wild and beautiful nature, birds & fishes. Divoka Sarka is a natural park of the country’s capital in Pague 6; in fact, you may be the never witness the same experience and scenery ever before. This is fifth in the list of my tourist attractions in Prague.

Prague’s green reserve gives you the possibility to escape the city madness without travelling too far outside of the city. Choose your way by bringing a picnic, walk with ease, and breath in all that nature has to offer. Here there is more than plenty.

Something for Everyone, I must say Divoka Sarka offers something for everyone. Because yes it is a charming, relaxing picnic palace, hiking, or an adventurous bike ride and enjoyable run and the last but not least is just want to sit and feeling for nature or mental peace.

In Summer Days Divoka Sarka there are two swimming pools, which are very popular during the summer period (April to mid-September or depending on the weather). The pool is in the middle of the valley. These pools are stream feed which quite cold as well refreshing.

At the surrounding shores of the water reservoir, you can find a wide range of water sport activities. Other sports possibilities can be included racket sports, volleyball and tennis.

In Winter Days Divoka Sarka is blanketed in the snow looking like a fairytale-like a quiet and peaceful. Just play in nature and face the winter elements of the moment is the actual statement. In winter there is a practice of Shinirin-Yoku (Japanese) translated as a Forest Bathing. Read more.

Final Thought

I bet you; you will enjoy your precious time when you are in Prague, there is a lot to do for everyone. It creates an aroma surrounding you, whether it is a talk about Beer or Czech food. Both are fantastic in their own ways. Create a list of memories with the world-famous attraction of Prague.

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