Petřín Hill !! The first thing comes in mind whenever I think about Petřín hill, the most peaceful, wooded, rocky place I ever visited. I will recommend taking at least half a day to explore Petřín Hill Well.

I used to live in Silicon hill, Prague. So, Petřín hill, it was very close to my residency. Without taking too much time, so let’s get started.

The main insight of Petřín Hill 

  • Strahov Stadium
  • Rose Garden
  • Hunger Wall
  • Petřín Funicular
  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Štefánik’s Observatory

Strahov Stadium

Strahov Stadium Petřín hill

It is worthy of visiting Strahov Stadium. It is such a big stadium. You are going to enjoy it I, if you are a football lover, I promise. Most of the time, local team trains there. It will take hardly 10 minutes from the rose garden at Petřín hill.

Rose Garden 

If you want to feel & admire the colours, several natural colours then sit at this gorgeous rose garden, in the fall displays of tremendous flowering, rises like a rainbow will also enjoy their elegant fragrance.

This unique garden in Petřín hill allows you to appreciate approximately twelve thousand types of roses. Bring a blanket and a picnic so you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon lunch a real treat.

Hungar Wall

Hunger Wall

There are numerous human statues truly a functional piece that highlights the history of the city when Prague was under communist rule. You can visit anytime there, but I’d love to go there at night. I think night light make it more believable.

The statues are near the bottom of the wall, so make your mind for a pleasant walk, although with amazing photogenic areas.

Petřín Funicular

Funicular Prague

An Excellent attraction of Petřín hill from there you can see the entire city view. The best thing is public transport tickets (can be purchase any metro station) for 24 or 36 hours are valid for it because sometimes queue could be sarcasm for funicular tickets.

So the best way to buy a ticket in advance. Every 15 to 20 minutes interval, you can get funicular available. The funicular has three stops Újezd (at the bottom of the hill), Nebozízek (the middle station) and Petřín (at the top of the hill). 

Petřín Lookout Tower

Petřín Lookout Tower , Petřín hill

This is called Prague’s Eiffel tower; there you can see the Spectacular views of Prague. You can climb to the top approximately daunting 299 steps. If you want to use an evaluator, then you need to pay an extra amount. At the top of the tower, it is crowded, so I would recommend going either early in the morning or later in the evening.  

Štefánik’s Observatory

Štefánik's Observatory Petřín hill

I would like to say one thing if you are going to visit this then you are going to meet knowledgeable astronomer professionals there. The professionals will let you know many interesting facts about space science and research. And this you will get a very reasonable price and hardly 150 steps from funicular the last station towards the top of Petřín hill.

You could look throughout the telescope like a star, sun, Jupiter and many more because it depends on the weather. So choose your day wisely. 

I hope this will help you before planing to visit Petřín hill.