Moringa for hair: I am presuming that everyone is well known about the plant of Moringa. Moringa oleifera is called the miracle tree for many good reasons! And especially for hair.

This tree is also called the drumstick tree containing almost 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants! Cool. It has vitamin A, B, C & zinc properties in favour of strengthening hair and faster hair growth. Moringa tree is originated from India and found in Asia, South America and Africa. 

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Benefits of Moringa Oleifera for Hair

What are Benefits of Moringa oleifera for Hair

Scientist research has proven that this plant has a compelling nutrition value and a seemingly endless list of hair care. 

Moringa Leaves Benefits 

The leaves of Moringa are beneficial for the hair and scalp. Because it contains many vitamins and minerals. And one of nature’s gifts that could answer to all hair problems.

How is Moringa Leaves Beneficial for Hair

Following are the benefits of using moringa leaves for hair are

  • Reduce hair loss
  • Prevent hair damage
  • Cleanse the hair scalp
  • Boost hair growth
  • Leading strong and healthy hair
  • Slow down the early greying process of hair 

How to Use Moringa Leaves for Hair

Step 1. Put handful amount of moringa leaves and grind with a little water.

Step 2. Prepare a smooth paste and apply it on hair root to length.

Step 3. Leave it for 30-40 minutes.

Step 4. Wash it with warm water for healthy and shiny hair.

Moringa Tea Benefits for Hair

Benefits of Moringa tea for hair

Moringa tea is a natural supplement for improving healthy hair and strengthen your scalp. Drinking Moringa tea will help reduce spills and done jobs to your head. Use the Moringa tea helps enhance a healthier hell that will helpful for hair growth. If you are having an issue with hair growth, then the Moringa should be your friend.

How to Make Moringa Tea – Two Methods

You can use Moringa in two methods, first is fresh leaves can be directly made like how we use the green tea leaves. The decoction of these leaves can be drunk as tea. Another method is to use powder.

Fresh Leaves Moringa Tea:- Take fresh leaves in a vessel and add boiling water to that. Then after 5 to 10 minutes, you can sieve it and have it like tea with honey. Moringa tea or drink is ready to consume. Moringa has a lot of health benefits in Ayurveda. It is said that 300 types of diseases can be prevented or cured by having this drink.

It is anti-cancerous too. Everyone at home can have this, but people say that it is a bit heat. So to compensate for the temperature in the body, you can add more salads to your foods.

Dry Moringa Powder Tea:- Making Moringa tea with dry powder is also an easy recipe. Simply, you have to take about half a teaspoon of Moringa powder into a vessel and add boiling water to that and let this sit for a while. Now Moringa tea is ready to drink. You can have this powder daily. The recommended dosage is one tablespoon but start with a small quantity and then increase the dosage.

Moringa Oil for Hair

Moringa Oil for Hair Growth

This oil is pressed from the seeds of Moringa oleifera, and it has antioxidant anti-inflammatory & zinc properties, which is essential for maintaining healthy hair. And all well-known moisturisation is necessary for all types of hair whether it is in the form of curly or thick hair.

Everyone wants to have lovely healthy hair. Right! And Moringa has antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties. It will make your hair shinier and healthier too. 

It is also exfoliant making it ideal as a beauty oil those with blemish-prone skin but it benefits more than skin deep it’s packed with vitamins A, B & C  to strengthen and smooth hair even boost overall well-being.

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How to Use Moringa Oil for Hair

Step 1. Heat 2 tablespoons (or take according to your hair volume) of Moringa oil. 

Step 2. Use your fingers gently for scalp massage from roots to the end.  

Step 3. Leave it for 60 minutes at least.

Step 4. Use a warm towel 15-20 minutes around your hair.

Step 5. Wash it with warm water for magical results.

Benefits of Moringa Powder for Hair

Moringa Powder Benefits for Hair

Moringa powder is low in fat, rich in proteins and minerals, which is very beneficial for hair growth. Moringa is an antioxidant that stimulates the blood circulation around the scalp proper flow. Hair loss is due to a deficiency in vitamin B; the excellent news is Moringa contains abundant qualities to resolve the hair problems.

How to Make Moringa Powder 

It is a straightforward process. You have to take the moringa leaves or drumstick leaves and dry it in the shade, after 3 or 4 days when the leaves are thoroughly dried. Then blend the dried leaves and store the powder in the bottles.

How to Use Moringa Powder for Hair

You can use Moringa powder into two terms Moringa tea and Moringa mask. Both are easy to make, as I mentioned earlier. 

Moringa Hair Products

What are the best products for hair regrowth?

Moringa Hair Growth Serum

Moringa Shampoo

Moringa Conditioner

Moringa Nourishing Hair Mask

Final Thought

When it comes to hair growth, people are  always concerned about the topical treatment and forget the in what treatment which is very crucial. So, take your decision wisely. 

I am sure your hair will love the Moringa Oleifera plant. Give it a try!!. I would like to hear from you about your experience with Moringa. Much Love!!

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