Kutna Hora is a desirable tourist destination and an excellent place for a splendid day trip from Prague. Kutna Hora is a small town in Central Bohemia about 90 km far away from Prague.  I went there from Prague, and it will take me 1.30 hours to reach there by public transport. The air was clean and refreshing, and the town was charming and secure.-

Down are topmost famous spots of attraction in Kutna Hora.

Sedlec Ossuary – The Church of Bones

Kutna Hora Sedlec Ossuary - Church of Bones

The Sedlec ossuary creatively decorated with more than 40,000 human skeletons. Quite shocking? In starting, it was the same situation for me. But after spending some time inside the chapel, I felt fine and there was nothing to fear. It was such a tremendous fascinating artistic work.

Sedlec Ossuary is a large chandelier of bones that lies in the centre of the bone church, and it contains at least one of every human bone. Want to know about the story behind this?

Cost: Entry into the Sedlec Ossuary is 90CZK ($4.50) for adults and 60CZK ($3) for children & students.

Sedlec is a lovely little village. And I stopped for a drink at a bit of shop very near to the church and had a delicious honey cake with coffee.

Cathedral of Assumption

Cathedral of Assumption Kutna Hora

Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist is a UNESCO World Heritage site with amazing views both inside and outside. It started to build in the 12th century for Cistercian monks. It has been rebuilt several times throughout the centuries.

The notable view is richly decorated with a beautiful Baroque painting of the Assumption on the ceiling above. And it has right panels to describe the artwork. 

You can reach there with a short walk from the Sedlec Ossuary. If you arrive at the Ossuary by bus, then get off at Sedlec, Tabak bus stop.

Cost: Entry into the Sedlec Ossuary is 50CZK ($2.21) for adults and 30CZK ($1.33) for children and Students.

It would be fascinating to see the top of the columns and the construction of the roof. Go up the spiralling staircase to view it. 

Saint Barbara’s Church 

Kutna Hora Saint Barbara's Church

Saint Barbara’s church is situated at the top of a hill in beautiful grounds. The cathedral is gorgeous, both inside and out. This old century construction will amaze you on the architecture style, splendid sketches, sculptures and beautifully painted windows and ceiling.

The back wall has fantastic views of the Kutna Hora village. It is 2km from Sedlec Ossuary. You can reach there by walking or can hire a taxi cost around 100~120 CZK and will take 4 mins.


Cost: Entry into the Sedlec Ossuary is 120CZK ($5.32) for adults and 90CZK ($4) for children, seniors, and students.

If you can climb the stairs to the top, you can see the spectacular views of gardens from a height! 

Historic Center

Kutna Hora Historic Centre

Kutna Hora is famous for exciting Churches, but it is a lovely town with cobblestone walks and wanders around, you can have a beer or a coffee to explore the old buildings that are now stores and apartments. 

Surely you would be loving capturing pictures of historical buildings, ancient spaces, and famous statues. 

Italian Court

Italian Court

So, It was my last insight of the day. Italian Court is a gorgeous country yard with a fascinating museum, and this space is one of its great treasures. Here you will learn about the old historical mint system, silver mining and coin making. I got a chance to make a coin by myself.

And the staff is so good. It is better to hire a guide to understand the brief history of Czech royalty. 

Cost: Entry into the Sedlec Ossuary is 85CZK ($3.76) for adults and 45CZK ($2) for children, seniors, and students.

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I went to Kutna Hora by train, and it took 90 minutes to reach, the train station is very close to Sedlec Ossuary. It takes a full day to experience Kutna Hora and all of its magnificent architecture, beautiful churches, and rich history. I had fantastic authentic Czech food. I will highly recommend visiting Kutna Hora if you are in Prague.