Divoka Sarka is a beautiful valley of Prague which is composed of cliffs and beautiful woodlands; It is generally called natural reserve due to its rocky walls, wild and beautiful nature, birds & fishes. Divoka Sarka is a natural park of the country’s capital in Prague 6; in fact, you may be the never witness the same experience and scenery ever before.

Prague’s green reserve gives you the possibility to escape the city madness without travelling too far outside of the city.

Divoka Sarka offers Something for Everyone

Divoka Sarka attractions

I must say Divoka Sarka offers something for everyone. Because yes it is a charming, relaxing picnic palace, hiking, or an adventurous bike ride and enjoyable run and the last but not least is just want to sit and feeling for nature or mental peace.

Attractions of the Park

Attractions of the Divoka Sarka Park

The gentle sound of running water, 60 different types of birds are the members of the park. Fishes are inhabited the park’s water. There is a water reservoir named Dzban, which is 1 kilometer long. Litovický Stream is 20 kilometers long and this fed to the reservoir.

It is a landscape of steep rocks and lovely woods. You will feel completely absorbed in the tranquility of the place.

Divoka Sarka in Summer Days

Divoka Sarka in Summer Days Czech Republic

In Divoka Sarka there are two swimming pools, which are very popular during the summer period (April to mid-September or depending on the weather). The pool is in the middle of the valley. These pools are stream feed which quite cold as well refreshing.

At the surrounding shores of the water reservoir, you can find a wide range of water sport activities. Other sports possibilities can be included racket sports, volleyball and tennis.

Divoka Sarka in Winter Days 

Divoka Sarka in Winter Days 

In winter, Divoka Sarka is blanketed in the snow looking like a fairytale-like a quiet and peaceful. Just play in nature and face the winter elements of the moment is the true statement.

In winter there is a practice of Shinirin-Yoku (Japanese) translated as a Forest Bathing. This practice contains a series of short activities like bathing in the environment which designed to help the participants to take the energy of the forest, breathing control and control the body by using a different kind of senses. And these practices are specially designed, which we cannot perform daily.

Need to bring:- Warm clothes! Make a sense!! Warm clothes, mat (warm will rock) and of course the courage of adventure.

Suggested fee: 750 CZK / 30 EUR.

Can’t Miss the Beer

Famous beer in Divoka Sarka Prague

Nearby the pool there is a lovely pub with a large terrace area, which serves cold beer and cheap Czech pub food. Aren’t you thinking it would be the perfect place for taking a break and enjoying the scenery? As everyone knows, the Czech Republic is the No. 1 beer drinking nation on the planet.

And there no wonder Czech beer tastes terrific and cheaper than water. Try some of the famous Czech beers such as Pilsner Urquell. The beer is served everywhere is in Prague, even in breakfast cafes. Sounds very interesting!!

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Saying about the History

History of Divoka Sarka Prague

There was a warrior women had been betrayed by her beloved. And she threw herself off a cliff at Divoka Sarka. I am not sure Whether or not it’s real, but the whole landscape is indeed worth an entire day of your precious time.

How to Reach

The  Bus – 119,191 will take you away from the crowds in central Prague to this beautiful area of countryside with rocky outcrops and lovely woodsWant to see if there’s another route?

Final Thought

attractions in Divoka Sarka

I found this place pretty undoubtedly lovely if you want to experience some nature and get out of the city. And such a walk allows to lower the stress levels, feel more recalled, find better focus. It is beautiful to help to prevent burnout and mental clarity.

Choose your way by bringing a picnic, walk with ease, and breath in all that nature has to offer. Here there is more than plenty.

PS:- I have tasted the fresh Apples from the Valley. 

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