Sikkim is a state in northeast India, it’s bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Sikkim is a very charming place to visit. You should visit at least once before leaving the earth, sound crazy! But trust me you’ll never regret it, Give it a chance!!

What is special about Sikkim?

Sikkim is notable for its subtropical climates biodiversity and alpine. It is the host to Kanchenjunga, the highest peak in India and the third-highest on earth. Sikkim is also famous for dazzling waterfalls, virgin forests, Tibetan style Buddhist Gompas, alpine meadows, rhododendron flowers and more Sikkim has an impressive literacy rate of more than 70%. Isn’t it enough?

Best places to visit in Sikkim

1. Gangtok

Mg Road Gangtok

Courtesy _Wikipedia – MG Road

It is the capital city of Sikkim and the beauty of this city justify it being one of the prominent cities in Sikkim. Gangtok is incredibly beautiful with clouds all over. Sikkim is blessed with a kind of cultural and historical significance.
The place to visit in Gangtok
  •  Nathula pass
  •  MG Road
  •  Rumtek Monastery
  •  Baba Harbhajan Singh temple
  •  Seven sisters’ waterfalls
  •  Tinkitam village

2. Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake

Courtesy _Wikipedia – Tsomgo Lake

The lake water quality is of moderate turbidity. The water is famous because of its healing qualities. It is a glacial water body in Sikkim and a memorable place to visit.

Do we need permits for Tsomgo Lake?
Yes, you need permits for Baba mandir and Tsomgo lake. These permits are issued by police check posts for domestic tourists and when it comes to foreign tourists their permits are issued by Civil Aviation Department and police check posts.
Best time to visit the Tsomgo Lake
So the quick answer is October to December & April to May. From October to December the lake is partly covered in sheet ice and migratory birds can be seen waddling in the lake’s water. From April to May it’s quite fun to visit Tsomgo lake beacuse it’s frozen water starts melting and surrounding range of mountains are still adorned with snow by mother nature.

3. Pelling

Pelling Singshore Bridge


It’s a small town in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim. It’s a quaint hill station snuggle nestled in the hills of West Sikkim. It is a popular destination to its natural scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. Pelling has countless experiences for every traveler. So, be ready for unforgettable experience.
Place to visit in Pelling
  •  Singshore Bridge
  •  Ravdentse Ruins
  •  Pemayangtse Gompa
  •  Kanchenjunga Falls
  •  Kanchenjunga Lake

Best time to visit Pelling

Any time of the year is good to travel to Pelling, so no worries to create a schedule before visiting. But still the ideal time for a visit to this beautiful hill town is from mid-February to May and after that September to December. Peak winter months of January till mid-February are cold but with plenty of warm clothes, Traveling can be lots of fun!

4. Lachung

Lachung is a mountain village Sikkam

Lachung is a mountainous village very close to the Tibetan border, in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim. Lachung is a very famous and beautiful place.
Best time to visit to Lachung
October to June as the temperature is about 10°c to 16°c. Winter is chilly which sets during October till Feb. Heavy snowfall and continuous fog can be seen during October till Feb. In winters temperature goes around -5°c.

Why is Lachung famous?

Lachung is famous for its Apples, apricots and peaches is also a lot known for its tourist attractions and sightseeing places. It is also described as the “most picturesque village”.

Lake’s in Lachung

Let’s head to the beautiful green lake or the stunning Mt. Katao for a refreshing trek. There are too many tourist places in Lachung as they are virtually countless. This place is graced with natural beauty.

Top Attractive places to visit in Lachung

  • Yumthang Valley
  • Yume Samsong
  • Bhim Nala Falls (Its one beauty of Nature’s creation)
  • Lachung Monastery – Bhim Nala Falls

Snowfall in Sikkim

snowfall in sikkim


Sikkim is the tiny kingdom one of the prettiest and rich in culture and wonderland of winters. The best time to see snowfall in Sikkim is October to March.

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Famous food of Sikkim

Famous food of Sikkim


The most famous food of Sikkim that you must try
1. Thenthuk – a type of noodles soup
2. Momos – No doubt that Momos or dumplings are the most famous among the people of Sikkim.
3. Thukpa – In this recipe you can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is an addition to noodle coup spicy flavour, it is also featured with chopped onion and green chillis.
4. Bamboo Shoot Curry – it is a traditional Sikkim dish made with fermented Bamboo.

Does Sikkim have an Airport?

Yes, Sikkim does have an Airport Named Airline Operations the only airport at Pakyong (Sikkim), near Gangtok.

Best lodges to stay in Sikkim

Hotel Shambhala

Magpie Mall Road Residency – Mg Marg

Treebo Trend Hotel Orchid

Hotel Tenzing Retreat

Search your stay as per your choice.

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