I always dreamt of long, healthy hair which blows with the wind and makes me feel proud? How to grow faster? Oiling is the best way to pamper hair, and this idea not only boosts your hair growth but also help other hair issues and scalp problems. Oils promote your hair with the essential nutrients and proteins it needs to become healthier and shinier. Your diet can be a factor for hair growth, but hair oil also plays a significant concern.

The idea of oiling your hair in the night and wash it off in the morning seems old school, but wait; this is the real way to grow hair faster like a pro. It looks a little bit filmy, but it’s true!! But taking the right step to choose the excellent hair oil for hair growth is much essential. So, I have recorded underneath five most suitable hair oils for faster hair growth. And these hair oils are natural, have no side effects and easily available in the markets.

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1. Best Oils For Faster Hair Growth is Olive Oil

olive oil for faster hair growth

From millions of years, olive oil has been used for many purposes. Olive oil is typically imported from Spain, Itlay & Greece and extracted from Olives. This oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants & antibacterial property. These properties of olive oil will help to improve scalp health and strengthen your hair roots and improve the regrowth of hair. Olive oil has shown potential for helping to reduce and prevent split ends. It is advisable to use pure virgin oil, But in a market different type of olive oil available can categories in Extra Virgin – Olive oil without any processing, Virgin – Olive oil with less processing but good to use, Pure – Olive oil with many processing, not too good to use, extra light – worst type, not good at all for use. How to use:- Apply an olive oil mask once a week or twice for 40-50 minutes before going to wash your hair and wrap a warm towel around your hair for 20 minutes before washing the oil off.

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2. Best Oils For Faster Hair Growth is Almond Oil

almond oil for fast hair growth

Almonds are a great source of vitamins A & E, and we already know the benefit of it on the skin. Almond oil works like a miracle on dull and damaged hair. This oil is one of the best hair oil for faster hair growth. Almond oil locks the moisture and protects hair loss and breakage. You can treat your loss problem with almond oil. How to use:- If you want to warm almond oil before using it then no problem, but yes it would be more effective. If you have severely damaged hair, then leave it overnight on your hair and scalp. And wash it off with mild shampoo in the morning. You can use almond oil as a serum but a few drops.

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3. Best Oils For Faster Hair Growth is Castor Oil

oil for fast growth of hair

Castor oil is vegetable oil from castor beans. Castor oil is a thick oil and rich in vitamin E, minerals and proteins. It will help to get rid of dandruff. Castor oil aids blood circulation of the scalp and results come in the form of faster hair growth. This oil maintains the moisture level and makes your hair lustrous. How to use:- Apply Castor oil 2 hours before washing off and massage it gently on your scale. It is a thick oil to a little bit tricky while washing hair, but the results will make you happy. This oil is best for a dry and flaky scalp.

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4. Best Oils For Faster Hair Growth is Coconut Oil

is coconut oil good for faster hair growth

Coconut oil is my all-time favourite, whether it is for skin problems or hair problems. This oil contains vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fatty acids which helps to repair severely damaged hair. Coconut oil penetrates hair follicles and stimulating faster hair growth and make the scalp healthy. The healthier your scalp, the more hair growth. Coconut oil may be the one-stop solution for all hair problems. How to use:- This oil is suitable for all type of hair. Simply warm the oil and apply from scalp to hair length. You can level it overnight in your hair or just apply an hour before head wash. If you have an oily scalp, then avoid massage. It gives a silky and lustrous hair.

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5. Best Oils For Faster Hair Growth is Mustard Oil

mustard oil benefits for fast hair growth

Mustard oil or Sarson ka tel, My grandmother, was the big fan of this oil. Mustard oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and protein; both are the major components of faster hair growth. It will nourish your scalp and prevents hair loss. It has the property to provide deep hair conditioning. This oil boosts blood circulation, and the result will hair growth. How to use:- Heat the mustard oil a little and massage gently on your hair and scalp. If you are struggling with dry, dull and lifeless hair, then mustard oil will do magical for your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes before washing hair. Don’t forget to use a warm towel around your oiled hair.

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Tips For Faster Hair Growth

Increase protein intake and fresh fruits. Avoid using hair spray and heat. Do not brush through wet hair. Avoid daily use of shampoo. Apply oil once or twice in a week.

Final Thought

I am sure your hair will love the oiling and find the best oil for faster hair growth. I would love to hear from you about which oil works for you. Much Love!! If you liked this article, you are most welcome to share it with your friends.